Hi! I'm Andy Gregory.

Regardless of where you’re at employment-wise, I likely understand. And let’s be honest: there's a good chance that it probably sucks, and you find yourself at a crossroads. Or let's call it a crux. 

How do I know what it’s like? I’ve been there. I’ve been fired. I’ve been forced to relocate (then relocate back). I’ve had to tell my wife that my position had been eliminated. I’ve taken a job I thought would be great only for it to turn out to be a disaster. I’ve worked for a $10 billion company and a small mom and pop locale. 

...and because of all that, I have a level of empathy that is unmatched by other career consultants. It’s part of what makes me good at what I do. 

The (main) other part is that I love coaching people. I find it rewarding to bring clarity and a perspective to your search as you play the game that is job search. 

Looking for some career accountability or a strategy to get out of your own way? Give me a shout or shoot me a text at 317.585.0463.  I need another cup of coffee anyway.




Random facts about andy:

  • I live in Carmel with my wife, two school-aged daughters, and our dog.
  • I must wear shoes when working from home.
  • I never said - I want to own a business someday.
  • I started my first job the Monday after I took my last college final on Friday.
  • I pose as a laid back consultant with strong emotional intelligence.