Play The Game Better

We are walking around asking, "Am I okay?"  When you are between gigs that is what those placed in your path of judgement want to know.  They want to know but they don't ask.

Hiring folks are looking to see if they can reveal some bitterness, entitlement, a little defensiveness or desperation in you.  If that isn't enough - the next layer is luring you into resenting their questions.  Please don't go all cynical - you know this game can be cruel and difficult BUT we gotta play.  We gotta play well.  We gotta play better.

First though - let's get some affirmation out of the way.  You are okay.  You have value.  You have skills.  You solve problems.  You are going to solve this problem.  You have the power.  (You have probably forgotten these nuggets or don't know how to quite package you.)

I know one thing - you need affirmation and you aren't getting much of it now and damn! - who wants to ask for affirmation.  We can talk about affirmation another time.

I can't even remember where I was going with this.  Hmmm...

Maybe it was how do I get affirmation without asking for it.  That sounds right..oh..yes -  YOU have to play better.  You know on your way to the next career episode the people you encounter are vital. is what you have to do - 

  • Engage people.
  • Ask for opinion or perspective.
  • Put your LinkedIn url on your resume so they can click it.  (They are petty and most often their profile settings are such that you will see they clicked.  Proving that they have a proclivity for pettiness over their privacy.)  
  • Realize their stuff is more important than your stuff.  Ask about THEIR stuff.

I know you just want a job.  I know you need to go back to work.  Go engage people.  

Back to affirmation, YOU are okay, YOUR game is not.  That is a bit of the what - I am happy to help you with the how.  You gotta help yourself with the WHEN.  (HINT: NOW!)