English - Your Native Tongue

The English language is tough.  I am not a grammar snob but some of you people need to go remedial for a moment.  Look, I have my own who vs. whom dilemma so I can empathize.  Fortunately, 99% of the population has a who/whom prob.  My grammar issues fly below the radar unless an English scholar stumbles across this brilliance.  My risk of exposure is low.

Back in the ...rather a long time ago, I recall a fraternity brother coming in the house late one night - visibly frustrated.  He was an education major and now a school principal in Louisville.  On this night, he was bemoaning his grade in an essential English course.  Verbatim he says, "I am getting a fuc%ing D in English.  I have a D... in my native tongue."  It was hilarious then and is still funny to me. If he can become a principal, you can solve your issues with to and too, affect and effect, and the other 39 common grammar issues. 

Because from what I see when you ask me to proof emails or cover letters - many of you did not excel in your native tongue either.  Please understand - I love that you send them to me - these touch points are too valuable to squander.  Conversely, when you don't send them, I get to witness employers bask in the rays of your poor grammar, getting off on typo sex just before they say, "Do you have additional candidates?"

My fraternity brother now principal dropped the course and took that class the next semester.  I so wish you could drop that interview and retake it in the Spring. No - your choice is to drop your interest in that job you want. 

Let's do this - let's improve your English in 2 days with Prime shipping.  The Goof Proofer is your reference resource. 

It is an old book - yes.  Apparently, our professional foremothers and fathers in 1999 struggled with these same issues.  The book gives you the background that you missed and now need.  Take the shortcut, please.  For your written words, you may also consider downloading Grammarly.  Let's stop this cycle because I "don't never" want to discuss this again.

Spell Check likes you the way you are.  Poor English can keep you where you are.  The world is judging whether you like it or not and you are not above the game.  Study your words.  Where the apostrophe goes is important if you want to call that gig yours.  Or is it your's?