A Brisk Walk With Your Boss

"I have a confidential search for you, Andy.  We are going to replace our _______."

Candidly, as a recruiter, I love this call.  Sadly, this guy is about to lose his job but before you think I am mildly heartless - KNOW a confidential search is more about someone not fitting in with the culture and more often than not - he just does not mesh with the boss. 

Client says this and I launch into questions about what they are looking for, why do they want to manage this individual out and my normal questions in taking this assignment.

Sure enough - they just do not see a future for him - he is not part of the succession plan any longer.  Why?  The answers were initially a little evasive and I kept asking.  What was at the heart of it though?

A lack of awareness.

How do I know?  The client shared a lot but one behavior stood out, "When he is following the boss around the office and the plant - "he walks too far behind."  Really?!  Yes.  On the surface, a bit petty but the inference was based on a behavior 

You probably have the competence and the training; the hard skills.  What about the soft skills?  If you are going to succeed your boss, engage, be aware, follow along closely - even when walking.